Reviews for My Best Race

"I found the book fascinating and loved reading about the thoughts we all go through before, during and after a race.  This would be a great Holiday gift, birthday gift or simply a good read for you to learn from the successes and mistakes that every runner makes."  --  Lisa Rainsberger, 2-time winner of the Chicago Marathon, and the last American woman to win the Boston Marathon

"We all have our own favorite race stories but Chris Cooper has selected fifty such tales from runners of all abilities, and through his artful choreography has made them inspiring, riveting, moving, at times funny, and always compelling. Whether you are getting ready for your twentieth marathon or your first 5K, you should make this book part of your training plan. It will put a smile on your face, make you dig down deeper and perhaps, even run a little faster."  --  George A. Hirsch, Chairman of the New York Road Runners and former publisher of Runner's World.

"Such wonderful and inspiring stories by a diverse group of runners - bravo!"  --  Ryan Lamppa, Media Director of Running USA

Reviews for Long May You Run

“It’s like a running romance novel.  I have never read a better or more endearing and honest take on running -- both for beginners and advanced runners -- ever before.”  --

“This book is a great source of motivation that can help in your quest for your next marathon, or just get you out the door on your way to another memorable run.”  --  Brian Sell, 2008 Olympic marathoner

“The best running book I own.”  -- “Top 100” Reviewer